Worried About Autoimmune Disease that Runs in the

Did you know that autoimmune diseases run in families, they are hereditary? In fact, if given the right circumstances such as stress whether good or bad can actually cause the perfect storm for perpetuating an autoimmune disease diagnosis.


Prevention is the first place to start. An anti-inflammatory diet among other things is a good place to begin, but if you find your self in a situation where you’re newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease there are plenty of alternative steps that can be taken in order to reduce symptoms.


You’ll find various theories about diet and how it relates to autoimmune disease. In my opinion it’s best to remove all gluten even if you don’t have an autoimmune disease, but autoimmune disease runs in your family and you have yet to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Dairy is another item that should be reduced or removed. There are lots of great alternatives to dairy and gluten on the market. However when most when most people go gluten-free they make the mistake of replacing glutenous items with processed gluten-free products. The best option is a whole foods diet that emphasizes healthy fats, quality proteins that are grass fed, lots of vegetables and green leafy vegetables, and the occasional fruit. The occasional gluten free grain or beans may be an option for some, but I find that those with autoimmune diseases typically don’t do well with these items in their diet. Go for a yummy sweet potato as an alternative.


I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases run in his family and yet he was still surprised as he lives a fairly healthy lifestyle otherwise. He was under a fair amount of stress over the past couple years and found that had created the perfect storm for his body. It is a valuable reminder that we are not impervious to being afflicted if autoimmune disease runs in the family. If you take preventative measures, it is less likely that you will be afflicted even if autoimmune diseases run in your family, but should the perfect storm be created and you are diagnosed, you’ll be much better off post diagnosis if you take preventative measures prior to being diagnosed.

  Again, one excellent way of prevention is focusing on a nourishing, healthy, whole foods and anti-inflammatory diet. Here are six tasty anti-inflammatory recipes from Positive Health and Wellness to get you started.


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