Time for a Break

OR what I like to call Boundaries.


As much as I enjoy sharing knowledge and research with all of you on a monthly basis, I am ready to shift my focus to writing my book! It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time, and I’ve even had lots of requests for a book from my very own trusted practitioners. This is not only super flattering (as I’ve always looked to them for expertise) but helps me recognize that the knowledge I’ve gained over the years has value and needs to be shared.


That said, I realize I have to say yes to some things and no to others in order to make this goal a reality. I’m not certain how long I’ll be stepping away from blogging, but, in the meantime, follow @thevitalbeet on Instagram and/or connect on Facebook. I am hoping to also share guest blogs from time to time.


The intention behind this long-awaited goal is to assist, educate, and empower people to take control of their health and find a way to work through chronic illnesses to live their best possible life, free from symptoms.


In the book I hope to include some insight into my journey in health and wellness sprinkled with a few of my favorite recipes and some lifestyle hacks, however it will be an evolving work in progress.


I wish you peace and good health!


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