Paying It Forward


When you are chronically ill it typically “takes a village” of practitioners to help one stay well and keep the illness managed. This is no different for me and I want to take this time to thank all the very important practitioners in my life for never giving up on me and thinking of new options when the going got tough and simply being there for me. Thank you! I am grateful to have you in my life!

Now it is my turn to pay it forward. I have been diligently working on putting together a Lifestyle Consultation practice with a focus on chronically ill clients. It will give me the opportunity to work more closely with my husband who is a Chiropractor, but more importantly I will be so honored to work with folks who are struggling on their journey to become well. I’m so looking forward to helping them find their way to better health and to regain their lives so they no longer feel imprisoned by their illness. Life is full of challenges for everyone, but especially for those who are chronically ill and it is expensive to be chronically. You only have one life and it is worth investing in. I will be able to meet my clients where they are on their journey, because I have most certainly been there. It will be my pleasure to advocate for others and to empower others to regain a sense of well-being and ability to handle what life throws your way.

I am available for consultation. I can be reached at: 303.539.9362 x2 or

On another note, my progress continues. We will likely do another heavy metal challenge in a few months to see where my toxic load is at and how long chelation must continue or if we reach a good stopping point. My protocol has been adjusted to remove some of the Lyme anti-microbials and some additions were made to continue opening up my methylation pathways, so that my cell continue to be better nourished. My body seems to be doing relatively well at fighting off acute illness. I’ve been around a few sick people this season and could typically count on getting sick and staying sick for a while in the past, but not the case this year. YAY!!!

I just want to say again, thank you to my readers, my practitioners and my loved ones. I appreciate your support through the years on this journey and the years to come. I’m looking forward to giving back. I have thousands of hours of research and real world clinical experience from the patient standpoint that will truly benefit those I will be helping. It is because of you that I am able to enter this next very exciting phase of my life!


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