Just Say”NO”

There were so many topics I could have written about for this blog, too funny that it either seems to be feast or famine with me. Just a quick update, my Ketogenic diet is going well, but that isn’t really the topic today. I’m tracking from all aspects on this diet and the nice thing about that is that I can make adjustments very quickly and get things turned around if they aren’t going in the direction of my goals. This is key to doing well with a lifestyle change and eventually I won’t have to constantly track everything.

Are you feeling drained from over-care?

Today I’m coving over-care. Are you someone that is experiencing burn-out due to over-care? You know who you are. You’re the one that is nurturing to everyone else and you go overboard with that nurturing and you’re too tied to the outcome and then you’re so spent you don’t have time or desire to care for yourself. Its an increasing problem. I know I have a tendency to fall in this category. Its not a good place to be and it makes it difficult to appreciate or be grateful for all the good things in life once you’re spent from over-care. When gratefulness is reduced, our immune system is the one that eventually suffers the consequences. Saying “NO” is empowering, though can be difficult. Start by imagining yourself saying “NO” more often. It’s really ok (boundaries are a good thing) and the truth be told if someone can’t handle you saying “NO,” then they just are the quality of person you need in your life anyway. Another thing to think about before you say “YES” OR “NO” to something or someone that requires care and attention is to imagine removing yourself from the outcome. If you’re not attached to the outcome, you’re less likely to be stressed by the action of caring or doing something for someone.

Here’s steps to reducing over-care in your life:

  1. Be aware of your feelings around providing the care that you may say yes or no to.
  2. Center yourself by taking some deep breaths into your chest and imagining a loved one.
  3. Imagine yourself as an outsider observing yourself in providing the care that you may or may not agree to.
  4. Rest in a state of neutrality and objectivity before agreeing to do the care. Remain rational and mature.
  5. Notice anything that makes you feel disturbed or perplexed about proving the care. Try to dissolve the significance of these disturbances or anxieties around providing care… It’s good to remember that its not the problem that is causing the energy drain as much as it is the significance you have assigned to the outcome of the caring.
  6. After dissolving as much significance as possible… Ask your inner self for guidance or insight… If you don’t get an answer, think of something you are truly grateful for and start the process over.


With the craziness of Summer time, its easy to over-extend and over-care for others. Fall is right around the corner and usually provides a more restorative time and a way to ease into practicing saying “NO.”

If you’re looking to tend to your self-care, then give me a call. I can help get things in balance. (303) 539-9362




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