1. Contact my office to make an appointment.
  2. Complete your intake paperwork and return it to me prior to your appointment.
  3. Include a list of prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs and supplements that you are currently using. If you are coming to my office, bring the bottles with you.
  4. Include any lab and imaging reports that you may have in your possession. If you have conducted labs or imaging but do not have copies of the results, we will send a medical records release form in order to obtain those results from your ordering providers, when we begin to work together.
  5. Park wisely. If there is a meter, over-estimate the time you will need to be there. Look for resident-only, street cleaning and general no-parking signs. We have parking for our patients behind the building, off the alley. If there is space available there, you may enjoy using it.

If you are working with me from a distance, please note the time zone differences. I am in Mountain Time. I do work by phone.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please remember that I saved that time just for you, simply because you asked me to – and there are others that would like to put it to good use if you don’t want it. Simply give me the courtesy of letting me know as soon as you know. Thank you.