Day 3 The Calm Before The Storm

I’m on the third day of my 9 day fast. This is the last day of juice fasting before the 3 day water fast. I’ll return to 3 days of juice after the water fast. I’m feeling really good with the exception of the occasional light headed feeling. I suspect the next few days will be a bit different. The last time I did this fast the water fast was the most difficult part, but I am hoping that this time will be different. Each consecutive fast is supposed to get easier. That is my wish for this one and I feel I’m well prepared no matter what direction I head the next few days. My stats will be taken twice a day and reported to my doctor for monitoring. I’m in good hands. I always feel great after a fast no matter how difficult the fast itself is.

Here is a look at the produce for one day of juicing. I cannot believe that I’ve ingested this many fruits and veggies for the last 3 days.

Produce for day 3 of the 9 day fast

It is tough to fit 3 days worth of produce in the refrigerator for a juice fast.

The only issue I’ve run into is with the removal of supplements and the histamine intolerance is kept under control with my thyroid medication (Liothyronine). I’ve had hives the past few days as a result. Ideally with any fast you want to stop all supplements and medications, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. I had to take a reduced dose of my medication in order to control the hives.

Once the fast is complete it will be equally as important that I am very careful about how and when foods are added back into my diet… I’ve heard many a story from others that just couldn’t hack the fast and they chose to break the fast with a burger or pizza… poor choice… they ended up paying for it. They felt so sick. This is a bad idea. I can tell when I add normal whole foods back into my diet after a fast those that are more difficult to digest, such as animal protein get added back last. Having this experience helps me to know how brutal it would be if I chose to eat pizza or burgers right away. It pays to be patient and truthfully I love the way I feel after I fast, inside and out, so that is the reward and I want to hang on to that feeling as long as possible, so I am motivated to eat well after a fast.

Cheers! Let me know what your favorite health or wellness activity is. What makes you feel at your best?

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