Merrit Bachman

merrit bachman holistic nutritionist
Merrit Bachman, HHP, NC

Merrit was born and raised in rural northeastern Pennsylvania where her family essentially lived off the land with a small family farm including a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as goats and chickens which produced milk and eggs. Her family would freeze or preserve¬†what they couldn’t use, so they had food available all year long, a very sustainable way of life. Her mother, a nurse, had a special interest in nutrition and environment and its effects on our health. Merrit has been in a real world education with a focus on nutrition for most of her life and she uses that education today to be at her best health despite her multiple chronic illnesses.


Merrit is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutrition Consultant certified through the Healing Arts Institute of California. She has thousands of hours of research and education through specialized seminars and her own journey with holistic and complimentary practitioners whom have helped her and educated her on her journey to regain her health. She has learned first hand the benefits of addressing genetic SNPs through clinical, therapeutic, nutritional supplementation, specific whole foods and lifestyle measures that have improved her quality of life and health tremendously. It is her desire to help chronically ill individuals who feel they have done everything possible to manage their illness and they are still not feeling well despite their best efforts.