About Us

Merrit has been integral in the success of steering her health in a positive direction, not only by becoming an active participant in her own health alongside the guidance of multiple practitioners, but also by educating herself through thousands of hours of research, studying and coursework on the very complicated and compounded chronic health issues that she now lives in harmony with.

Over the past several years she has become profoundly aware of knowing which genetic SNPs (pronounced snips) are turned on and how to quench them is paramount in her well-being along with understating which foods, nutritional supplements, type of exercise, amount of sleep and type of stress relief work best for her body and which to avoid. This multi-faceted approach is what has kept her from spiraling and becoming much worse and perhaps very disabled over time. Instead she is vibrant and healthy, though with chronic illness there can be set-backs, she is better prepared when those happen and she understands exactly how to address a flare-up in order to reduce the time and severity.

For someone with chronic illness, being diligent in staying the course with lifestyle changes can be well worth it, but at times it can be a struggle to see the forest for the trees. Merrit has learned that having a support system in place is so vital during the struggles and just as vital when there are successes and improvements.

Merrit has a kind, knowledgeable, honest and understanding way about her. She is authentic and real. She has a natural affinity toward helping others with similar experiences and others have a natural propensity to seek out her guidance on their own journey. She knew when she received her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis about 30 years late, that she didn’t want others struggling with chronic illness and symptoms such as pain and a variety of other symptoms, to feel like it was all they could do just to get through their daily lives. She knew this was not “all in her head” as some practitioners will tell their patients.

There is beauty in the journey, though it is often difficult to see it while you are experiencing the challenges that chronic illness can bring. It is when we struggle that we learn the most and we grow. Chronic illness is often a sign that we must change our way of life. That can be anything from making small adjustments in the way we live to really big adjustments. The important thing that Merrit has learned is that it is best to make these changes in stride and to be gentle with yourself when it feels overwhelming and to allow yourself the space and time that you need to embrace a change. This is also when the support of someone who has been through this is truly the most vital. Change can be very difficult and can sometimes feel impossible, but it can be so rewarding once we are on the other side of it.

Merrit has been affected by Chronic Lyme, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vitiligo and Psoriasis all since the age of eight among a host of other symptoms and health issues all as result of delay in proper treatment. This is why it is imperative that you have proper guidance if you are affected by an Autoimmune disease, Cancer or other chronic illness because the longer you wait the likelihood of multiple illnesses increases if you do not get your illness(s) under control and stop the inflammation which can come from diet, lifestyle, environment and/or genetics and other issues combined. This is also why it is important if chronic illness runs in your family that you take preventative measures to ensure your future wellness.

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with a chronic health issue, Merrit can help through lifestyle education that is personalized just for you.